This Association is an independent, non-religious, non-political and non-profitable association which was established by the Alumni in 2004.

  1. GOALS
  • To protect the benefits of the members
  • To provide social gatherings and events for the purpose of uplifting the morale of members
  • To accommodate the increasingly technical and professional level of the knowledge of members
  • To provide required services for members to cooperate and exchange ideas
  • To provide possible opportunities to establish business relationships between members
  2. a) Graduate Member: Any graduate of the Faculty of Engineering from the University of Tehran, who accepts the FanniBC constitution can become a graduate member of this organization. All graduate members have the right to vote for or be voted for in the election of Board of Directors provided that the individual has regularly paid all due membership fees.
  3. b) Associate Member: All alumni, faculty members and academic staff from the engineering department of the University of Tehran, or any other accredited university can become an associate member given that all due membership fees are paid. Associate members have the right to vote in elections but cannot run as candidates in elections.
  4. c) Honorary Member: Any distinguished individual, who has devoted a significant contribution to FanniBC or the Iranian-Canadian society and accepts the constitution of FanniBC, can be granted as an honorary member with the proposal of any member of the association and the approval of the board of directors. Honorary members do not have the right to vote for or to be voted in the election.


The registered website of the Association currently active is or



  1. a) The Board of Directors is the administrative and executive branch of the Association and is responsible for all matters of the Association.
  2. b) Members of the Board of Directors are to be elected by the Graduate and Association members for a term of two years. These elected members cannot serve in the Board of Directors for more than two consecutive terms, except two selected members with the majority of the Board of Directors who will be automatically appointed as transition members to the newly elected Board of Directors.
  3. c) The Board of Directors consists of seven members:
  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Advisor 1
  • Advisor 2
  • Advisor 3
  1. d) The members of the Board of Directors will decide about the frequency of regular member meetings, based on the needs and wants of the Association which could be monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and etc. All members of the Association will be informed of such meetings via regular and electronic mail, website and other news media.
  2. e) The Board of Directors will have their regular meetings at least once a month to review and discuss the Association matters and to prepare and provide the Agenda for upcoming regular Association meetings.
  3. f) The consistent presence of at least five principal members of the Board of Directors is crucial for the continuation of Association business matters.
  4. g) Decision making in the Board of Directors is based on the majority votes of the members who are present in the meeting. The number of majority votes cannot be less than three in any circumstances.
  5. h) If two members of the Board of directors resign or being absent for more than three consecutive Board meetings without any notice, the remaining members of the Board will continue serving in the Board and new members of the Board will be elected in the first upcoming General Assembly.
  6. i) If three or more directors resign or being absent for more than three consecutive board meetings, without any notice, the board of directors is automatically dissolved, and the remaining directors will immediately call for Election via the Election Committee for a new Board of Directors.
  7. j) All services being provided by all directors are voluntary and free of any charges to the Association.

General Assembly is the ultimate and final decision-making of the body of the Association.


Annual General Assembly will be held during the month of September of each year for the following purposes:

  • Review and approval of the annual report of the Board of Directors and Financial Statement of the Association of the previous year.
  • Approval of schedules of the Association activities for the upcoming year.
  • Approval of the proposed budget for the upcoming year.
  • Election of the Board of Directors or mid-Term election if needed.
  • Revising and approving any amendments to the Constitution of the Association.


The Extra-ordinary General Assembly can be formed under the following circumstances:

  • A request from the Board of Directors
  • A written request signed by more than one-third of graduate and associate members, being submitted to the Board of Directors along with their reason for having such a General Assembly.
  • The Board of Directors will announce and invite all members to have an annual General Assembly or Extra-ordinary General Assembly at least two months in advance, via regular/ Electronic mail, website or other news media.
  • The quorum for any General Assembly in terms of a number of participants will be 50% plus one of the eligible voting members in order to have an official General Assembly on the first invitation.
  • If the number of an eligible voting member does not reach to quorum The General assembly will be official on the second invitation by any numbers of members of the Association.
  • In any case, majority votes (50% +one) is required for approval of any Agenda items at the General Assembly.
  • General Assembly will be administered by the Board of Directors in all matters and issues except for the election of the Board of Directors which will be governed by the Election Committee.
  • The Election Committee consists of three graduate members, who are not candidates for the election and will be volunteered at least two months prior to the Election Day.

Eligible voting members who are not able to participate and attend at the General Assembly can send their votes to the Election Committee by regular mail, provided that their sealed envelope being received by the Election Committee not later than one day before the Election Day.


The head of these committees can be either Director of the Board or any other Graduate or Associate members. These committees will provide their plans and agenda by themselves and after approval of the Board of The Directors, will act and execute their agenda independently. Other committees can be formed depending on the needs of the association later on.

The Association will have the following committees:

  • Website Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Social Activities Committee
  • Academic Affairs Committee
  • Fund Raising Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Development and Investment Committee
  • Job- Finding Committee
  • Election Committee

Minimum of two-thirds of eligible graduate members are required to vote for dissolution of the association.

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