The Alumni Association of the Faculty of Engineering from the University of Tehran in BC, Canada

FANNIBC is an independent, non-religious, non-political association which was established by the cooperation and support of graduates from Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tehran who are currently residing in BC, Canada. The main objective of the association is to protect the benefits of the members, increase technical and professional knowledge, provide required services for members to cooperate and exchange ideas and to assist and guide technical engineers.

The organization aims at providing a healthy environment for members and their families to socialize and prepare for various cultural, athletic, scientific, educational and artistic events. To learn more, please look at our Constitution.

The Association monthly meeting is the place that you could meet your classmates and your friends. Please come to the monthly meeting and bring your friends too. You and I can make our meetings more enjoyable and fruitful, so enrich our monthly meetings with fresh ideas. You might see one of your old friends that you haven’t seen for years and years in our meetings!

Did you know that FANNIBC has 3 types of members?

  1. Full Members: Graduates of Faculty of Engineering, Tehran University.
  2. Associate Members: Anyone with Engineering degree, professor and staff of universities, and engineering students who have finished their second year of study.
  3. Honorary Members: Distinguished individuals and scholars invited for membership by the Board of Directors of the Association.

So, come join us!

There is a variety of activities that you can get involved in. Have a look at our:

The Gallery page for photos of past events

The Events page for a list of choices for all activities.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us if you are interested.


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